Portable Solar Generator

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I found from personal experience that owning a Portable Solar Generator makes a lot of sense. A portable solar energy source that gives you power at home as well as in your RV when you travel, on outings or in case you have to evacuate is a big relief.

We were having dinner at my house with our neighbors on the thirteenth day after hurricane Ike hit when all of the sudden the power came back on. By then the batteries people had for their flashlights had long run out and replacement batteries were hard to find. As soon as the electricity was restored my neighbor shouted, “Yea, I can go to the bathroom without having to leave the door open!” As soon as she said that she realized what she said and was completely embarrassed. But it was true.

The reason all my neighbors, except one family who left because they couldn’t stand being without power and lights any longer, were eating at my house was because we had power from our portable solar generator we got from www.mysolarbackup.com. Now we didn’t have the whole house lit up and powered but we certainly weren’t having to go to the bathroom in the dark or have to leave the door open.

Because there were so many houses that had tree damage in our neighborhood I was gone most days from the morning to evening helping people remove fallen trees off of their houses. It was a mess. The problem was it left my wife home alone. I thought it was going to be a problem for her to reposition the portable solar panel that is a big part of the solar generator 1800. It turned out it wasn’t an issue at all.

To get the most power out of our solar generator we decided to turn the solar panel every couple of hours so it “followed” the sun. Repositioning it to face directly at the sun really jumped up how many watts it put out. My concern was it would be too heavy or inconvenient for my wife to move around. Moving the portable solar panel was so easy my wife never gave it a second thought. If you have seen the TV commerical you know what I mean.

We did not have to evacuate for the hurricane but we have used our portable solar generator several times since then at several locations. We own a small SUV and have found it very easy to load and unload. It takes just almost no time to setup the entire system when we use it for remote power on trips or events.

We could just take the battery part of the portable generator with us and leave the solar panel and cable at home but we like to keep the battery fully charged all the time. We found out you never know when you are going to need to use it.

I can’t think of a faster or easier setup to have portable power then using our portable solar generator. We have really gotten our money out of it and have only had it a couple of years so far. For every day use or for use in an emergency it is nice knowing we have our portable solar generator we can count on.

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Solar Generator As Seen On TV

Let me start from the beginning. A few years ago I saw the infomercial about a portable solar generator on TV. It intrigued me.

I live in the Houston, TX area, which is a major hurricane zone. In the back of my mind I had always wanted some kind of power source to run some essential household appliances and charge batteries for my laptop, cell phone, etc. When I saw the solar generator on TV from MySolarBackup.com a light, sort of speak, went off in my head that this could be what I really needed.

After seeing the infomercial on TV a portable solar generator made perfect sense. But I needed more information. I visited their official website to get more details.

Click here to visit their official website.

Having lived in a hurricane zone for as long as I have I knew that some times we would have to evacuate. I always thought that a gasoline generator that you can buy at HomeDepot would be simply too big and heavy to take in the car for a power source.

But the solar generator 1800 is completely collapsible and easy to put in the truck of my car if we have to bug out. It is light enough that my wife can easily move it around or pack it up.

Sometimes you don’t want to advertise you have power. With a gas generator everyone in the neighborhood knows you have power. During hurricane Ike I heard of several home owners who had their noisy gas generators stolen after they had turned them off for the night and gone to bed. That isn’t a problem with a solar generator.

Like I said. I was fortunate to have ordered my portable solar generator from MySolarBackup.com before Ike hit. It wasn’t free and definitely cost more then a gas generator at HomeDepot. But about a month after hurricane Ike was over my friend who bought a gas generator got his credit card statement. He spent over $800 on gasoline to power his gasoline generator for the two weeks we were without power. That was just for two weeks!

I quickly felt a lot better knowing I could use my power source for an indefinite amount of time without having to pay $4.00 a gallon for gasoline. The value of owning my Solar Generator 1800 really became apparent to my friend and to me.

I look back on the day I say the solar generator on TV and I could not be happier with my purchase from MySolarBackup.com. I use it all the time. It is increasingly simple to use, quite, convenient to move around and cheap to run.

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MySolarBackup Scam

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“You fell for the MySolarBackup scam?” was what I heard when I told my neighbor I had power the Saturday morning after hurricane Ike had blown through. I had gone next door to check on my neighbor to make sure they were OK. They had no power at their house. I asked if I could help and mentioned I had my portable solar generator setup so we had power.

I don’t know if he was still in shock from hurricane Ike or just jealous. I brushed off the comment and went to work helping where I could.

I have been nothing but satisfied with the service I got from MySolarBackup.com and performance of my solar generator. I have no idea why people say there is a scam with MySolarBackup. The only thing I can think why they would say there is a scam is because they figure you can make your own portable solar generator and not have to buy it from MySolarBackup.com. Actually that is true. You can build your own solar generator.

You can also build your own house, car, do your own dental work and perform surgery on yourself. There are somethings I would just rather leave to people who know what they are doing. I am a DIY type of guy but messing around with expensive solar cells, electrical wiring and electricity is not my idea of a great DIY project.

I would rather buy a completed, ready to use, professionally built portable solar generator from MySolarBackup.com then get scammed like I saw so many people get scammed after hurricane Ike who bought used generators off of the back of trucks for more money then new ones sold for the week before.

These generator scammers of course only took cash, had no guarantee that the generators even worked and were gone as soon as they sold them. On the other hand I didn’t have to wait in line for hours and hope to get some rebuilt Chinese generator with no guarantee.

My portable solar generator came with a complete 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee and awesome toll-free technical support. I guess the saying, “You get what you pay for.” really applies here.

All I can say is my wife and I had total peace of mind knowing we had electrical power ready to use with our portable solar generator before Ike hit. Don’t wait. Don’t get scammed. Do it now.

My recommendation is don’t wait until it is too late and you find yourself in an emergency situation where you need power for your family and you get scammed like so many did here. Take a look at the unit. Read all the info on www.MySolarBackup.com and then decide.

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